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February's Red Hot Specials
                             $75 OFF each Vial of Radiesse with Dr. Bibicheff


                              Plasma Sonic Ultrasound Treatment with Olga

A Multi-step Non Invasive Skin Treatment using Thermal Plasma and Ultrasound to Smooth Lines, Firm Skin, Tighten Pores, Maximize Hydration and Synergize Healthy Skin from the inside out. Special $395  regular price $495


                      Nourishing Repair Anti-Aging Facial with Georgina

A Luxury Facial that will target your specific skin's needs. This special facial includes two different types of Exfoliation. A Gentle Scrub to help Remove Impurities leaving the skin Clean and Smooth and an Anti-Aging Glycolic Acid that will Penetrate Deep into your skin helping to Eliminate Fine Lines, Brighten and Even Out your Complexion. Customized Concentrated Anti-Aging Serums of COQ10, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C will be used to massage your skin with High Frequency for Deeper Penetration. A 24K Gold Mask will be applied to Reduce Inflammation. Your skin will be Energized, and Restored with a Youthful Appearance.      


Special $150  75 mins


                                     Rose Petal Facial with Agata

Rose Petals are filled with Vitamin C, which helps to Boost Hydration giving your skin a Moisturized and Glowing look. This Fabulous Facial helps to Reduce Excess Oil, Tighten and Shrink Large Pores, Helps Soothe Dry Sensitive Skin and makes skin feel and look Soft, Fresh and Glowing. This Full Customized Facial includes Cleansing, Toning , Extractions, and Special Serums geared to your own personal skin's needs. Relax under a Rose Petal Face Mask and Special Hand Treatment while the soft Rose aroma promotes feelings of Well Being, Love, Peace and Happiness. This facial is great for all skin types.


Special    $150     60 mins   


                                   Product Of the Month 10% Off   

                                           Eye Area Complex       


                                     Everyone Loves the gift of Pampering!  

                                           Don't Forget your Valentine!!


    Call for Details and appointments 516-626-6800

Gift Cards available 

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